Vegan chocolate peanut butter balls

Basically these are like a healthy version of those American chocolate peanut butter cups. Sinfully salty sweet little balls of heaven! But with no added weird stuff. Just peanuts, salt, raw chocolate, maple syrup and some vanilla extract.


1/2 cup coco butter, melted

1 cup raw cacao disks/ block

1 cup quality crunchy organic peanut butter nothing added

quality sea salt

1 tsp quality vanilla extract

1 cup raw maple syrup

1/2 cup maple sugar, fine


In a bowl mix the peanut butter, vanilla extract, half of the maple syrup, salt and maple sugar. It should form a dough like mailable consistency. Taste and sweeten / adjust flavour to your liking. Roll into teaspoon sized balls and place onto a parchment lined baking tray.Pop in the freezer for 20 minutes.  

Melt cacao and coco butter in a ban - marie over a very low heat until velvety smooth. Take off the heat, add maple syrup. If it starts to go gooey, add some more melted coco butter to help it to emulsify. 

After your balls have been in the freezer for 20, take them out and individually dip each ball in the chocolate with two spoons ensuring each ball is lightly covered in chocolate. Place the balls back onto the parchment and allow to cool at room temperature for an hour or so and then pop in the fridge.

Enjoy at your leisure x



Amie Evans