Vegan paleo friendly fudge

I've been using a lot of sesame seeds recently due to its fantastic alkalising benefits and contribution towards regulating hormones. Tahini has a delicious bitter sweet flavour and is fantastic when creating chewy sweet treats like this vegan fudge recipe. The dates are a fantastic source of various minerals and fibre , and give these treats a delectable toffee-esque  stickiness. Indulgent, easy to make and nourishing.


1 mug light tahini  

1 mug medjool dates - must be medjool for their toffee like flavour

3 tbsp raw almond butter (or whichever nut butter you prefer ) 

1 teaspoon cacao powder  

1 pinch sea salt - you can add more if needed 


put the dates, tahini, almond butter , cacao and sea salt in a food processor until a smooth thick dough forms - this may take some scraping and patience 


Scrape out and place into a large mixing bowl. With a tea towel or kicthen roll gently press into the dough, removing excess oil.


Using a tablespoon for equal scooping, roll into bite sized balls and coat in sesame seeds. 


Pop in the fridge for 30 minutes. 


These keep for a week and are freezable  


enjoy x



Amie Evans