Bare cupboard breakfast

This humble breakfast may not be the most refined or sophisticated of dishes, but it really does hit the spot. It's reaching the end of the week so our cupboards are pretty sparse and depressing. Not even and onion or clove of garlic in sight(first world problems, I know ). I woke up craving something hearty and comforting and this is the result - I found an old tin of baked beans in my cupboard. I emptied it all into a sieve and rinsed off the sugary gloopy sauce. To those who are not trashy, you can use any kind of pulses. Lentils, chickpeas, anything your heart desires, just make sure they're pre soaked and cooked :) 

Pulses are high in protein and fibre, a fab combo for keeping you feel full and satisfied. Tomatoes are packed with nutrients including vitamin A & C. Eggs are also a fantastic source of nutrients including protein, omega 3 and vitamin b12. If you can afford it, try to buy organic free range. We are what we eat, and the eggs we eat are made from what are feathered friends eat. A chicken that has been fed on a diet high in GM corn and hormones in a cage will lay eggs lower in nutrition than those free to roam , act like actual chickens and eat a natural diet of fresh grass and organic grains.  

Rant over. 

This recipe is has a real 'anything goes' kinda vibe to it. So if you have red onion and garlic , then by jingo whack them in! The possibilities are endless but sadly my budget is not, so see below my recipe for a broke yet wholesome breakfast. 




4 cherry tomatoes  , halved

1 large tomato, quartered  

1/4 can chopped tomatoes  

1 egg, organic free range if you can

tin baked beans  

1 tbsp smoked paprika

1 tsp mixed dried herbs  

salt and pepper to taste  

Worcester sauce to taste 

1 red pepper sliced  - I had a jar of preserved ones but a fresh one would be good too  




Heat a pan with some oil

add tomatoes and pepper and fry until soft

add the tinned tomatoes and beans  

add the paprika and other seasonings  

fry until the consistency becomes a bit sticky and thick  

make a little whole in the middle of the mixture and crack the egg in

leave to cook for about a minute and then stir the mixture

ensure all of the egg bits are cooked. 

Serves hot in a bowl with a slice of buttered rye toast. 

enjoy ! 

Amie Evans